Le Sueur County Snowmobile Trails Association, Inc.
Le Sueur County Snowmobile Trails Association, Inc.



All the trails in the county have been rolled within the last two days. Go out, have fun, be safe and stay on the trail. Support our local Buisnesses.



       We finally have workable snow with moisture!  By tomorrow midday, 100% of the trails will be rolled twice.  Next week, we will start dragging.  This is the first time in 3 years that we have enough snow to use it. 

 The clubs goal is to have the trails groomed after every measurable snowfall, within four days, once it quits snowing and blowing.  Typically, we do not groom on the weekends, there are simply too many snowmobiles on the trails and it rips them up before the snow sets up.  It takes almost three days to groom all of the trails; the groomer travels over each section twice, once going out and then back.

 Trails rated 8 out of 10.


12-29-22: The entire county has been groomed one time. Some of the trails were groomed one twelve-foot-wide pass but most of the trails are two passes wide.  This past storm created a challenge with huge drifts.  The groomer operators spent extra time digging out the groomer and unhooking and re-hooking the roller to push out the drifts.  High winds stripped the snow off the many hills, leaving bare ground.  Warm weather is rapidly deteriorating snow on the trails.  Hopefully, we get some wet heavy snow soon.  


New members are always welcome. The club meetings are at The Little Dandy in Le Center on the second Monday of the month, September through April.  If you are interested in staking trails there are sections available.


The groomer operators have noticed an extremely high amount of snowmobile tracks off the trails.  If you are outside of the blazers, you are trespassing. STAY ON THE TRAILS, we do not want to lose the privilege of riding on private property.


Trails are rated 5 out of 10.

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